AUGUST 27-29

Are you ready to join us for a three day virtual camp adventure? As you know, we unfortunately had to cancel our in-person-camp for this year due to the pandemic. But instead of skipping 2020 completely, we offer you a three day online retreat, from August 27-29, a virtual teaser for our next in-person camp. All of us have collected extensive knowledge in the last months concerning online teaching formats, and as you might know, the New York Voices domestic camp in July will also be happening as an online event. Offerings will include teasers of our regular classes on Vocal Jazz solo singing, Vocal Technique, Songwriting, Improvisation, Circlesongs, Vocalese, Portuguese, Eartraining, Jazz Piano, an ‚All Camp Song’ with Peder Karlsson and other relevant topics. The camp faculty will be Kim Nazarian, Lauren Kinhan, Darmon Meader & Peter Eldridge from New York Voices, special guest Peder Karlsson, camp director Anne Czichowsky and pianist Claus-Dieter Bandorf.



1:00 pm    All Camp Experience with Peder Karlsson

2:30 pm    Classes

4:00 pm    Classes

5:30 pm    Classes

8:30 pm    Evening Programme – Concerts & more


Kim Nazarian          

  • Vocal Technique
  •  Make a song your own
  •  The importance of rhythm

Lauren Kinhan         

  •  Songwriting
  •   Phraseology
  •    Artist in the making

Darmon Meader    

  • Advanced Improvisation
  • Arranging
  • Live Circle Song Recording

Peter Eldridge        

  • Before and after
  •  Songwriting

Peder Karlsson 

  •  All Camp Experience
  •  Basic principles for embodied learning

Anne Czichowsky    

  • Improvisation for beginners
  • The art of Vocalese
  •  Portuguese / Brazilian Songbook

CD Bandorf      

  •  How to write a leadsheet
  •  Basic Jazz Piano for Singers
  •  Jazz Eartraining


Full Teaser
All Camp, 3 classes per day, evening programme
250€ plus 1on1 option 20 €

Medium Teaser
All Camp, 2 classes per day, evening programme
200 € plus 1on1 option 20 €

Mini Teaser
All Camp, 1 class per Day, evening programme
150 €

One-on-One Personal Playalong Option: 40 €

For those of you who can’t accompany yourselves on an instrument like piano or guitar during your one-on-one coaching, or who don’t want to sing along with I Real Pro playalongs, our piano player CD Bandorf offers to record your personal playalong of your song choice for you before the camp. This option can only be booked when you choose the one-on-one-option in your Teaser package. CD Bandorf then needs a leadsheet of your song, in your key and with your desired tempo.


All our classes and concerts will be happening via Zoom, the Bavarian Music Academy will provide Zoom pro accounts for our camp staff. You should have the following basic equipment for joining the classes: Computer, Laptop or Tablet with integrated camera and internal microphone, plus a stable internet connection (the best solution is a LAN-connection). The more luxury set-up would include an interface where you can connect a vocal microphone or even an electric piano (in case you choose the Jazz Piano class or want to comp yourself in your one-on-one session). There will be technical hosts for every class that help you if problems occur, and there will be an optional Zoom meeting with Anne Czichowsky giving technical instructions for Zoom on the day before the camp starts.

Registration: CLICK HERE